Use of Teflon tape and use steps

Teflon tape product introduction:

Teflon tape is also known as Teflon tape. Teflon and Teflon are the materials on the tape. Teflon material has the characteristics of anti-aging, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so Teflon tape is generally used on industrial machines. Teflon tape first uses glass fiber as the base cloth, coated with Teflon emulsion after drying to make Teflon glass fiber cloth, and then coated with silicone adhesive made of a high temperature resistant tape.

teflon conveyor belt uses:

1: textile, printing and dyeing: printing drying, dyeing cloth drying, fabric shrinkage drying, non-woven drying and other drying lanes, drying room conveyor belt.

2. Screen and printing: loose dryer, offset press, UV series light curing machine, paper oil drying, ultraviolet drying, silk screen drying of plastic products, etc.

3: other items: high frequency drying, microwave drying, all kinds of food freezing and thawing, baking, packaging items heat shrinkage, general water-containing items drying, flux type ink rapid drying and other drying room guide belt. Teflon mesh conveyor belt has the characteristics of easy air permeability, so it is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, printing drying guide belt, screen printing, ultraviolet drying, UV series light fixing machine, offset printing machine, loose dryer, non-woven fabric drying machine, high frequency dryer, food drying machine guide belt, temperature control drying room, fast drying of flux ink and drying of general water-containing articles.