What are the characteristics of high temperature resistant double sided tape?

High temperature resistant double-sided adhesive tape with very good insulation, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance and other advantages. In addition, it also has very good electrical properties, and the paste performance is very prominent, but it will not leave residual glue on the surface of the object after tearing.

Acid and alkali resistance, able to work normally in acid and alkali environment.

2, high temperature resistant double-sided tape can also resist the impact of voltage, can withstand the voltage impact of 5kw ~ 50kw, will not have too much impact on its normal use, so as to ensure the efficiency of use.

3. It can be used in the production process that requires anti-static protection. Static electricity will not cause damage to the product during the production process, so it can be used as light protection for LED backlight.

It can be used normally between 70-320 degrees Celsius and can be subdivided into many uses without residual glue.

It can also be used at high temperatures of minus 196 degrees Celsius and 300 degrees Celsius. It has very good weather resistance and very good aging resistance. For example, it can be stored for at least 200 days at 250 degrees Celsius. Improper stickiness will not decrease, and the weight will not decrease. After 120 hours of storage at 350 degrees Celsius, the weight will only be reduced by 0.6, and the original softness will be maintained at minus 180 degrees Celsius.