High temperature beauty pattern tape and ordinary beauty pattern tape difference in there?

High temperature masking paper medium temperature masking tape ordinary masking paper characteristics and uses: medium temperature resistance (80-120 degrees), used for resistance, capacitor production fixing and spraying masking technical parameters: substrate: masking paper glue: rubber color: natural color ordinary masking paper tape is suitable for baking paint masking protection, ceramic capacitors and various electronic parts components manufacturing process. Automotive and furniture painting and general coating masking processing, PCB board fixed drilling. It is used for shielding protection in high temperature process and can withstand different temperatures. The textured paper tape is made of crepe paper as the base material and coated with rubber adhesive. The crepe paper tape has the characteristics of fast sticking, easy peeling, easy tearing by hand, convenient use, etc. It is suitable for interior decoration painting covering, wrapping light objects, firm pictures, liner bonding and other painting masking paper tape strip masking paper structure: using high-grade flat or crepe paper as the base material, and then coating different special adhesive surfaces to develop paper tape with special properties such as protection, fixation and heat resistance. Features: temperature resistance, solvent resistance, no overflow glue, protection, fixed and other characteristics. Uses: Mainly used for painting, baking varnish, sealing, footwear, packaging, fixed, electronic industry, architectural decoration and other industries, as well as various types of masking, bundling. According to the applicable environment, there are high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature choice.